"We see gender bias in custody determinations daily and it is refreshing to hear from someone fighting to change the current system."
Kelly Shattick. Attorney

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I've probably bought every book available on Amazon.Com regarding father's rights (or lack thereof), and this is definitely the best I have come across so far.

The information contained is general, but very practical and easy to understand. Unfortunately, there really aren't any books out there that focus squarely on the laws in specific states. From having dealt with my own attorney though, this book seems to come the closest to capturing the overall feel of how the legal system really works.

In my particular case, I am the father of a newborn. Even with the advice in this book (and several others), the best lawyer available, private investigators, help from family, a decent income to spend on legal and investigate fees, etc., I know that my chances of obtaining primary custody of my daughter are practically zilch. Sad, but true.

Still, the info in this book will help prepare me for court, so that I can at least win some sort of significant visitation. I feel confident that the info in this book will help me increase my chances of at least being able to spend time with my child, despite the best efforts of the mother. It's definitely worth the small investment of time and money to be able to spend time with your child. You will definitely get your money's worth with this book.

A Customer, CA

Am always on the lookout for great books for Fathers seeking help during or after divorce when the "system" often is sexist and so willing to rule in favor of the mother.

This is an excellent book that I would even recommend that those who do not have children read. Simply because I believe that friends need to be there for Dads, since Mothers seem to have plenty of pity party friends.

Having helped a number of male friends get their kids in the custody battle I also recommend to fathers that you check out Fathers Rights websites and look for a pro-father attorney in the yellow pages.

MotherLodeBeth "MotherLodeBeth", CA

I have re-read this book cover to cover at least 3 times. I have it marked up, highlighted and underlined. It has been invaluable. Specific, concrete examples of what to expect, how to behave, what to strive for. I would not be as well off as I am now if I had not had this book as a resource. I have reviewed or read at least 10 books on the subject and this is by far the most useful in my opinion. Do read more than this book - but make sure you read this one.

I have an excellent attorney but this book has allowed me to take far more responsibility for MY case. It has allowed me to be far more interactive and supportive of my lawyer as well as saving me money, anxiety and upset. At times when I would start getting nervous I would open up the book and read a section and this would help me to calm down.

The final court date has been set - I'll be reading it once more cover to cover before that date.

A Customer, CA

Finally, a book devoted to FATHERS fighting for custody of their children. A positive, supportive approach to give dads that extra confidence to do what's right. So detailed, it even advises you on correct body language in the courtroom, as well as the double-standard when it comes to how moms and dads are viewed in similar situations by judges. I'm a future step mom, and reading this book has helped both me and my fiancé' find the courage to keep his son safe, without sabotaging his mother in the process. PLEASE read this book.

julierose1669, Minnesota

I admit knowing the authors of the book. I also say I am writing this without their knowledge or telling them in advance. I also get nothing from them nor do I expect anything out of writing this.

I am also an attorney who handles divorce cases. Clearly people need written help regarding marital disputes and which they can reference. The average person can use the book as a general guideline. It tells of common sense tactics. It tells of what to do and not to do. It does not contain legal "gibberish". However, it is no substitute for a competent divorce attorney. If you think you can use the book to "do it yourself" you are wrong. However, you can well use the book as a helper. It is worth the money.

A Customer, CA

This book offers strategies that are easy to understand and implement. Most custody books define the process without giving advise on how to win.

Jason, CA

This book offers some good advice for preparing for court ~ If you follow some of the advice in the book, it may help you to help your lawyer and save you some money. Very good read.

Mike Stevens, USA

While struggling to find a decent attorney, I happened upon Michael's book in a library. I arranged a meeting with Michael and ended up switching attorneys. I have had NO contact with my 4-year old daughter for the past seven (7) months... even with court orders for visitation. My case seems to be so complex, and unbelievable, that even attorneys such as Michael who write books on the subject find it difficult to believe. After months of trying to involve the police, DA, Attorney General of CA, and the FBI - with no success; Michael now seems to believe me and has successfully obtained an OSC forcing my wife and her attorney to explain why my daughter has been concealed. Interestingly, my case has moved from the original judge to the supervising judge on the family law panel. As the police in California will tell any father, "your rights as a father ended when your wife left and took your child." As the Attorney General's office will tell any father asking for help, "we don't even have enough resources to look for will not find any help." The laws on the books don't matter when it comes to a mother sheltered by the corrupt CA legal system. Despite the hell I have endured, I believe in Michael's book and believe, despite my struggle, that he and his staff have the true best interest of the children in mind. The Family Law system in California is one of the state's "dirty little secrets". The mom-bias is extreme and outweighs "the best interest of the child" without the slightest consideration by accountable authorities of the facts in the matter. Read this book. Write a book. Fight for the thousands of innocent children who suffer every year from state-supported separation anxiety in California.

Kevin D. Martin "bluemuddauber" , SC - formerly in Seal Beach, CA

Good book for preparing for working with your lawyer to go to court and will get you started on the right road for winning. Worth the $24.00

Grizzly Green, CA

The Brennans walk one through the pitfalls and common strategies a father encounters. Fathers seeking continued contact with their children after divorce all too often assume that courts, attorneys and mothers will do the right thing. Not so!

A Customer, CA

A++++ from beginning to end......

This book re-lit the fire that was fading out of my hope for custody and visitation due to the walls of the legal system snuffing it out after every encounter with it. Both these authors (Husband and Wife) should be recognized for presenting this priceless knowledge, honesty, and fairness this country needs in family court. I learned a lot about myself and how to better the future for all fathers. I believe honestly I am on a winning path to my children's' rights and mine as a father to be recognized. Recently I won my first hearing and now feel better prepared for the trial. I am representing myself, with confidence. Win or lose I know this book helped me emotionally, mentally, and most of all gain the knowledge to raise and provide "our" children with the rights they deserve.

Jeremy Mattes, Los Angeles, CA

I’ve been married 11 years, 2 kids under 9 years of age. She is a “walk away wife” and took the kids. She has a blood thirsty attorney that lies constantly and gets caught up with my wife’s extortions of the truth. I have spent 35k so far trying to depend myself and seeking joint and it still isn’t over and the custody evaluator hasn’t started yet. Letting your wife say home with the kids while you work, in my case has been a big mistake, she leaves, I have to pay the price for the next 12 years.  I wish I had this book 2 years ago.  Please Contact me immediately.

Tyson M. Mcmillan, Salt Lake City, Utah

I am mother of a 3-year old boy undergoing a contested custody battle in Santa Clara County, California. Santa Clara County Superior Court, and California courts in general, grow more and more biased in favor of so-called "father's rights" with each passing year. The custody evaluators who perform custody evaluations in this county (it is an exclusive club) all conspire together to promote their agenda. My son is the one who is suffering and paying the price. My intention has never been to alienate my son from having a relationship with his father, but to have Court-ordered and evaluator-approved twice-weekly overnight visitation with the father at 11 months of age, when my son had never spent a single night away from me and was still nursing, is simply put an atrocity and and aberration of justice to my son - all in the name of political correctness. My son now suffers from a speech delay which I believe has been caused or exacerbated by the stress he has been forced to endure since age 1 - all in the name of so-called 'father's rights'.

This book appears to have some excellent strategies - my ex-husband planned his moves far in advance, and was planning the divorce and strategizing with his attorney for months prior to putting his plan into action - and has been one step ahead of me for most of the game. But, now it's my turn. I am fighting not for myself, but for my son -- in whose best interest his father is sadly incapable of acting.

Jane Doe, Santa Clara, CA


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