"We see gender bias in custody determinations daily and it is refreshing to hear from someone fighting to change the current system."
Kelly Shattick. Attorney

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Custody for Fathers Book

Announcing a powerful book that has been National in all major book stores (Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Borders, Books a Million) for over 15 years.

"Custody for Fathers" addresses over a hundred topics in 300 pages of easy reading. The book's purpose is to help fathers overcome the mom bias in family courts.

All family law court judges want to get stipulated agreements on custody and visitation because cooperating parents make for happier children. Too many fathers enter the family and conciliation court system with no knowledge of the proceedings and without a resource book. Now fathers have a learning tool which will afford them a better opportunity to participate intelligently in the pre-court negotiations.

"Custody for Fathers" is a book written by Carleen and Michael Brennan, a father's rights attorney for over 20 years. This book offers positive approaches for fathers caught up in a brutal custody battle.

Michael Brennan ABOUT THE ATUHOR
Michael Brennan is a family law attorney and author. He graduated with his J.D. from Southwestern University in 1975 and has been a sole practitioner for 30 years. Mr. Brennan has extensive trial experience dealing with divorce, custody, paternity and related matters...  
- Fathers' Rights
- Divorce
- Paternity
- Domestic Violence
- Custody/ Visitation
- Parent Alienation
- Child/ Spousal Support
- Property Division
- Modification of:
  - Existing Court Orders/
  - Guardships