1. Winning
2. The Family Law System
3. Learn The Courthouse
4. Basic Strategies & Tactics
5. Mediation In A Nutshell
6. Conduct In Mediation
7. Action In The Courtroom
8. Court Hearing Explained
9. Handling Yourself In Court
10. The Judge
11. Testimony
12. Master Skills Of Testifying
13. Mom’s – Dirty Tricks
14. Family Disintegration
15. Legalese
16. Reforms Needed
17. Finding The Right Attorney

"This book is the bargain of the century considering most attorney charge $4 to $6 per minute to tell their clients a fraction of the information in this book."
Joseph A. McMillen, Attorney - Kansas City, Kansas

"We recommend this book to all our members nationwide. If parents read this book before their court hearing, more children would have equal and open access to both parent."
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Dianna Thompson, Vice President - Lake Forest, California

"Custody for Fathers is a map in a maze. It is the best of maps to the worst of mazes. It is worth at least $1,000 of a good attorney's time. If you read Custody for Fathers first, then visit an attorney, you can win."
Warren Farrell, Ph.D. - Author
The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are The Way They Are - Encinitas, California

"Custody for Fathers speaks of things our society would prefer to ignore. Aimed at fathers but deserves a wider audience."
Marjorie Engel, Author, Divorce Help Sourcebook
Boston, Massachusetts

"Valuable insights and tips for both parents in understanding and navigating the troubled waters of custody disputes."
David Kuroda, Division Chief - Mediation & Conciliation
Superior Court of Los Angeles, California

"Fills a gap, as there has been very little published on child custody cases from the non-custodial parent's point of view."
Patricia Lammerts, Librarian - Los Angeles County Law Library

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About Michael Brennan


Michael Brennan
Attorney at Law

Michael Brennan is a Fathers' Rights attorney with 20 years of experience practicing Family Law in California. Mr. Brennan has written and spoken widely on family law. He specializes in divorce, child custody, fathers' rights, paternity, domestic violence, child support, spousal support and guardianships.

In the last thirty years he has concentrated on Family law and specialized in Fathers Rights. He has seen both sides - as a father who won custody of his three children and as an attorney in courtroom custody battles.

Having written the book "Custody for Fathers", Mr. Brennan's motivation was brought about by many calls from fathers who were asking repetitive questions about custody problems. His research and hands on experience has revealed a societal trend toward the need for fathers to be more involved with their children as fatherlessness has caused major social problems. He is committed to providing clients with solutions to resolving their divorces responsibly and amicably.

Mr. Brennan has appeared on several radio and TV shows, written an article on the devastating effects of fatherlessness in our society today, and has given speeches on the subject. understands the concerns and feelings of many fathers who are separated from their children. This concern prompted to become more supportive with fathers and help them address such issues in the proper arena.

Michael Brennan is married to his wife of sixteen years and is the father of three children.




- Fathers' Rights
- Divorce
- Paternity
- Domestic Violence
- Custody/ Visitation
- Parent Alienation
- Child/ Spousal Support
- Property Division
- Modification of:
  - Existing Court Orders/
  - Guardships