Custody Attorney in Orange County, Father's Rigths Attorney, Michael Brennan's Custody for Fathers - We wrote the book used by father's rigths groups and in book stores nationwide.  Serving Orange County.
1. Winning
2. The Family Law System
3. Learn The Courthouse
4. Basic Strategies & Tactics
5. Mediation In A Nutshell
6. Conduct In Mediation
7. Action In The Courtroom
8. Court Hearing Explained
9. Handling Yourself In Court
10. The Judge
11. Testimony
12. Master Skills Of Testifying
13. Mom’s – Dirty Tricks
14. Family Disintegration
15. Legalese
16. Reforms Needed
17. Finding The Right Attorney

"This book is the bargain of the century considering most attorney charge $4 to $6 per minute to tell their clients a fraction of the information in this book."
Joseph A. McMillen, Attorney - Kansas City, Kansas

"We recommend this book to all our members nationwide. If parents read this book before their court hearing, more children would have equal and open access to both parent."
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Dianna Thompson, Vice President - Lake Forest, California

"Custody for Fathers is a map in a maze. It is the best of maps to the worst of mazes. It is worth at least $1,000 of a good attorney's time. If you read Custody for Fathers first, then visit an attorney, you can win."
Warren Farrell, Ph.D. - Author
The Myth of Male Power and Why Men Are The Way They Are - Encinitas, California

"Custody for Fathers speaks of things our society would prefer to ignore. Aimed at fathers but deserves a wider audience."
Marjorie Engel, Author, Divorce Help Sourcebook
Boston, Massachusetts

"Valuable insights and tips for both parents in understanding and navigating the troubled waters of custody disputes."
David Kuroda, Division Chief - Mediation & Conciliation
Superior Court of Los Angeles, California

"Fills a gap, as there has been very little published on child custody cases from the non-custodial parent's point of view."
Patricia Lammerts, Librarian - Los Angeles County Law Library

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Michael Brennan, Custody Attorney for Father's Rights, has served as Judge pro tempore in Family Law Courts - known for authoring the book "Custody For Fathers" - Serving Orange County.

Michael Brennan has been a family law attorney for 30 years.  He has extensive trial experience beginning with divorce, paternity, custody/visitation issues,  and has an excellent understanding of judges mediators & the judicial system. He has written articles on Fathers' Rights and spoken on the subject at Fathers' Rights Groups across the country. Mr. Brennan has also appeared on numerous radio shows and National TV.

No area of family law brings to the courtroom the tension, anxiety, hostility, volatility and raw emotion as child custody and visitation. Rare is the divorce, dissolution or custody determination in which the parties have been able to set aside personal differences to reach the goal of what is best for the children involved. Most often a judge will take great pains to get parents themselves to come to a mutually acceptable to all if the attempt has not been made in earnest.

The family court system has several layers of counseling, mediation and conciliation mechanisms in place in an effort to bring warring parents together for the purpose of resolving the issue of what it is in the best interest of their children.  

"Custody For Fathers" written by Michael Brennan, Attorney at Law, is the only book of its kind in print! A powerful 300 page "How-To" book for fathers going through a brutal custody battle. This book teaches fathers how to conduct themselves within the judicial arena through the art of words, actions & body language. A father is methodically moved through the courthouse, to familiarize himself with the elements of a custody trial. Each stop along the way the authors give directions on what to do & not to do, on how to act & not to act. Examples include always, always say "our" children, not "my" children & begin each complaint against mom with the word "I", I am concerned... or I worry that... "Custody For Fathers" addresses over 100 strategies & tactics other fathers have used to win custody of their children.


Areas of Expertise

- Fathers' Rights, Divorce, Paternity, Domestic Violence, Custody/ Visitation, Parent Alienation, Child/ Spousal Support, Property Division, Modification of: Existing Court Orders/Judgment & Guardships


michael brennan and grandson

Michael Brennan and grandson

- Fathers' Rights
- Divorce
- Paternity
- Domestic Violence
- Custody/ Visitation
- Parent Alienation
- Child/ Spousal Support
- Property Division
- Modification of:
  - Existing Court Orders/
  - Guardships